Some of the Most Interesting Volunteer Travel Opportunities in India

Some of the Most Interesting Volunteer Travel Opportunities in India

Whether it’s organic farming, helping destitute and specially-abled children, conservation, or economic and social empowerment, volunteer travel in India provides a unique opportunity to combine travel with social good. An added benefit is the chance to observe life at the
grassroots level and interact closely with the people of India. There are volunteering programs across India, so it’s quite easy to lend a hand without hindering your travel plans. Here are some options to get your interest piqued.

1. Spiti Ecosphere, Himachal Pradesh

The stark, awe-inspiring landscape of Spiti Valley has attracted always the adventurous. A largely homogeneous Buddhist population, its residents have a truly unique way of life. They have adapted to the cold desert environment of the trans-Himalayas. Promoting responsible
eco-tourism, sustainable conservation, and traditional arts and crafts, the Spiti Eco-sphere provides a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in the Himalayas.

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2. Fertile Ground, Assam


Many communities in the north-east of India still practice traditional methods of farming. Fertile Ground provides education and support to these communities and also help them incorporate organic agricultural practices using locally available materials. Of the various
volunteer travel opportunities in India, this is one where volunteers are a critical component of the initiative, providing invaluable support for outreach activities.

Also: Fertile Ground has projects in different locations in Assam, and you can volunteer with them while you explore the North-East!

3. Sadhana Village, Pune



For the last quarter of a century, Sadhana Village has been active in empowerment activities for rural women and youth, providing formal education to rural children, supporting and improving small hold agriculture practices, and providing meaningful employment to people
with intellectual disabilities, in rural areas around Pune district. Among volunteer travel opportunities in India this one provided by Sadhana Village promises to be especially fulfilling.

Also: This option makes a great addition to a travel route across western India

4. ECOSS, Sikkim


With support from UNESCO, the Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim (ECOSS) has been working closely with local villagers to develop sustainable tourism practices and conservation. There are many volunteering experiences in India, but for travelers to get the
opportunity to develop local tourism is surely a rare privilege.

Also: Sikkim in itself has plenty to see and do – get in touch and we can plan an itinerary for you!

5. Ladli, Jaipur

A vocational training programme for abused, orphaned and destitute children in Jaipur, Ladli benefits greatly from volunteer travel in India. Whether it is teaching children English, an art or a craft, or simply spending time with them, your contribution at Ladli is sure to be

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6. CHIRAG, Kumaon

The Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG) is involved in the areas of healthcare, education, natural resource management and providing livelihood to the underprivileged population of the region. Being able to travel as well as volunteer in Himalayas, especially in a region as beautiful as Kumaon, can make your experience doubly satisfying.

Also: When you’re in Uttarakhand, you can spend some time at CHIRAG

7. Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, Shimoga


For those who love nature and wildlife, the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) provides one of the most exciting volunteer travel opportunities in India. Established by world renowned herpetologist, Romulus Whitekar, ARRS has conducted a wide variety of studies related to ecology and wildlife, including the ground-breaking King Cobra Telemetry Project. ARRS offers both, short-term and long-term volunteering opportunities, as well as internship programs.

Also: Agumbe, in Karnataka, can feature as a stop on an itinerary across South India – especially if you want to experience the plantations around Chikmagalur or Coorg!
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