Weather in India in March

India in March can be best described as a warm but less-crowded month with one of the most enjoyable festivals i.e. Holi, the festival of colour. March signals the end of the cool and touristy winter season. Mid march onwards is when summer starts settling in, in India.

March is a dry month with virtually no region under the rain shadow, you can visit virtually any part of India. North-East to the famous Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan region, the islands of Andamans, a great time to be in Goa and a great time to visit the National park. India truly is your playground in the month of March.

You can see some of our month long suggested tours for India that cover different regions.

In March you can still get away with visiting destinations in Rajasthan before the heat becomes unbearable – Credit: sianwhite22

South India in March

South India starts getting hot in March. It won’t be as pleasant as January or as hot as April or May. The beginning of the off-season means that it’s a lot less touristy, easier to travel and less crowded in general. That means cheaper accommodation and emptier beaches where you can enjoy it without the full hassle of the busy season. However, it’s not necessarily a good time to see the temples as it may get too hot. Instead, head to the tea plantations and the national parks as they will be a lot cooler.

Beaches in South Goa will be less crowded – Credit: Steve MCCATHIE

North India in March

March is a good time to visit parts of North India, though Rajasthan will start getting quite warm in the afternoons, mid march onwards.

Amritsar, Rishikesh, Dharamshala and the rest of the Himalayan foothills are great to travel to. Anywhere in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla and Manali are also very pleasant. Hill stations were invented exactly for this reason. So climb those mountains and beat the summer heat!

Last but not least, the North East. This is a great time to discover these off-beat states, such as Orissa. Green, blossoming and bursting with a culture unique to the India most travellers will experience, try somewhere new and refreshing. Plus, the food is delicious and the people are lovely.

Orissa, in the northeast of India, is known for its tribal tours – Credit: Saurabh Chatterjee

Festivals in India in March

March is also when the festival of Holi is celebrated and that’s an unmissable Indian experience. Colour, fun, food with just a little bit of harmless intoxication. You’ll see excited children in the streets shooting each other with water pistols and colour bombs. Celebrations take place mostly in the morning. Almost everybody has the day off work and either spend it celebrating with their friends or at home with their families, so in the afternoon the streets of the cities are the most peaceful you’ll ever experience them. There will be many parties to join in with, especially in northern cities such as Mumbai or Delhi. What more could you want?

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Celebrate Holi festival in March – Credit: Kiran Jonnalagadda

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