Adrianna’s 18 days Temple Trail route & tour description

Chennai,Tamil Nadu
Mahabalipuram,Tamil Nadu
Pondicherry,Tamil Nadu
Tanjore,Tamil Nadu
Chettinad,Tamil Nadu
Madurai,Tamil Nadu
Rameswaram,Tamil Nadu
Kanyakumari,Tamil Nadu

Adrianna got in touch with us to get a glimpse of the religious side of India. After understanding what she needed, we suggested her a temple trail that covered the southern part of India.


She started her trip at Chennai. The city is home to places such as Kapaleeswarar Temple, Ashtalakshmi Temple and Kalikambal Temple. A day later, Adrianna drove down to Mahabalipuram. The Dravidian style architectural work of Shore Temple is definitely worth a visit. The chariot shaped Ratha Temples are also a wonderful sight to travellers’ eyes.


After spending two days in Mahabalipuram, Adrianna made her way to Pondicherry. Here, she was greeted by Sri Varadaraja Perumal and Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple. Her temple trail continued with a visit to Tanjore. The city is blessed with architectural beauties such as the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Brihadeeswara Temple. The city is also home to the Great Living Chola Temples. A renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adrianna also wanted to spend a couple of days in the little town, Chettinad. Upon arrival, she made her way to the Vairavanpatti Temple. The first clan temple Ilayathangudi is also worth visiting. Tamil dynasties are known to have built the temples. One of the many reasons why they are fascinating.

Other Destinations

Adrianna also visited the ancient city, Madurai. The city is known for its Dravidian style architectures and is also a famed pilgrimage site. The Meenakshi Amma Temple and Koodal Azhagar Temple are some of the places worth visiting in the city. After spending a few days in Madurai, Adrianna drove down to Rameshwaram to continue her temple trail. The town is known to be one of the holiest places in the country. A destination that attracts numerous Hindu pilgrims. The coastal town Kanyakumari was Adrianna’s next destination. The 3000 years old Kumari Amman Temple and the Vivekananda Rock Memorial are some of the places you must not visit.

A couple of days in Varkala followed on Adrianna’s temple trail. The Janardana Swami Temple in Varkala is an iconic site in the town. The temple is worth visiting as it has been around for over 2000 years. The old Sarkara Devi Temple is also a place that travellers often visit. To end her trip, Adrianna visited Kochi in Kerala. From spice markets and museums to stunning beaches, Kochi has it all. But it’s an even more delightful place for a traveller on their temple trail. Thanks to places such as Pavakkulam Mahadeva Temple and Poornathrayesa Temple.

Transport and Stay

For Adrianna’s temple trail, we booked her stays in a mix of boutique hotels and comfortable homestays. She booked a private car hire which would drive her from one destination to the other. She preferred a car hire as it was convenient.

You too can book the same tour. Reach out to us and we will help you plan a similar temple trail.

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    Adrianna’s 18 days Temple Trail Tour itinerary

    Day 1-1


    Stay at La Wood hotel, Chennai

    The gateway to the rest of South India, Chennai is known for its beautiful beaches and ancient temples. The architecture found in Chennai has been done in the Dravidian style, with hints of Indo-Saracenic and Colonial Era. If you're a foodie, then get ready for the most authentic south Indian cuisine you'll ever find.

    Day 2-3


    Stay at Hotel Mahabs, Mahabalipuram

    Mamallapuram, also known as Mahabalipuram, a small town at the coast 60km south of Chennai is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful historic monuments along the sea shore which are listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and date back to the 7th century.

    Day 4-5


    Stay at Gratitude-a Heritage Home, Pondicherry

    Pondicherry or Pudducherry is a one-of-a-kind city in India due to its history as a French colony. Until today you feel like taken out of the country back into a French coast town at the end of the 19th century.

    Day 6-6


    Stay at Tanjore Hi Hotel, Tanjore

    Tanjore or Thanjavur is alongside Madurai one of the most important religious and cultural centres in south or even whole India. The Great Living Chola Temples in and around the city are listed as World Heritage Sites and show us how the heydays of the great Chola Empire during the medieval time could have looked like.

    Day 7-8


    Stay at Saratha Vilas, Chettinad

    Chettinad is a place rich in cultural
    heritage, art and architecture. It is also well known for its houses, embellished with marble and Burma teak, wide courtyards, spacious rooms, and for its 18th century mansions. Local legend has it that their walls used to be polished with a paste made out of egg whites to give a smooth texture. Overnight

    Day 9-10


    Stay at JC Residency

    Madurai is famous for its colorful and detailed Meenakshi Amman, one of the most beautiful temples of India. Built to worship Shiva and his wife, the Goodess Parvati the temple’s area is 45 Acres large so there is a lot to see.

    Day 11-12


    Stay at Jiwan Residency, Rameswaram

    Day 13-13


    Stay at The Seashore Hotel, Kanyakumari

    Day 14-16


    Stay at Maadathil Cottages, Varkala

    Varkala is a popular backpacker and tourist destination and is known for it's clean beach and red laterite cliffs. It is a really small place where you can really relax and unwind.

    Day 17-18


    Stay at Old Courtyard

    Kochi has a good mixture of multiple ethnicities, races, and religions. The majority of architectural heritage has Portuguese and Dutch origins. The places to visit are the Mattancherry Palace, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica and the Bolgatty Palace. Kochi is also known for its beautiful backwaters with gorgeous houseboats floating on them.

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