A Guide on Budget Travel In India


Budget Travel in India Simplified

It’s no secret that India lends itself well to budget travel. The country has its fair share of ‘hippie trails’ that are favourites when backpacking in India, and everyone knows about that. What people don’t realise is that even if backpacker travel is not your cup of tea, there are many other ways to stick to your budget and have a fantastic time while you’re at it. Favourable exchange rates means your money goes a long way, after all, and it’s only helped by the fact that there are always reasonable options to be found.

Here’s our tips on how to travel on a budget in India.

Look beyond the obvious

First off, look beyond the obvious options that fall on the well-trodden ‘banana pancake’ trail. While the more popular destinations like Goa, Hampi and Rishikesh are great, you would be doing yourself a disservice. There’s plenty more to be seen in the country! Besides, an unfortunate consequence of the popularity of these destinations is that you might encounter touts and scam artists looking to fleece travelers, as well as higher ‘tourist prices’ for things than elsewhere in the country.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean run-down

There’s a wide range of accommodation available across the country that breaks the stereotypes of budget hotels. For those looking for true-blue backpacker travel in India, hostels have begun to spring up across the country, which offer cleaner options than some of the older dorms.

Otherwise, cute guesthouses, homestays and boutique hotels are rapidly becoming more and more popular, and there are plenty of options across the country to choose from. It’s one of our favourite parts of traveling on a budget in India – you don’t always have to skimp on your stay, and you’ll often come across a truly wonderful place that offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Embrace public transport

If you stick to getting around either on your own two feet or using the cheap public transport options available across the country, you’ll save a pretty penny! These options can get a bit terrifying for a first-timer – road rules in India are different than anything you’ve ever experienced before – but they’re an efficient and affordable way to get around within cities and towns. Remember to settle on a price before you start your journey, though – haggling is the norm, not an exception.


Go slow

As vast as India is, flights are clearly the quickest way to get from one stop to the next, but consider utilising the rail system, instead. Along with long-distance buses, trains are more wallet-friendly while traveling on a budget in India. Remember to book your train tickets well in advance, as trains can fill up quickly!

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Eat local!

Whether you’re backpacking in India or just traveling on a budget in India, exploring local restaurants and eateries is an easy way to keep costs low. Ditch the made-for-tourist options; instead, go exploring to check out where locals go to eat, and don’t be afraid to experiment with flavours. And to avoid falling prey to suspect hygiene, avoid raw foods, and pick places that are always busy!

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